4 Things to Look for in Ute Tray Tool Boxes

Tool boxes are a useful ute tray accessory. If your tradies use ute trays when they are out on jobs, then these boxes give them a secure way of keeping all their tools together. Adding tool boxes also helps you avoid problems with your business insurance. For example, if someone steals tools from one of your utes, then your policy may not pay out on the theft if the tools weren't securely locked away.

Elements to Consider When Hiring Someone to Do Rock Drilling for You

If you need to drill through rocks, one strategy you may want to consider is using cluster hammers. To help you decide if cluster hammers work for your situation, here's a look at how they work and a few of the elements you should consider if you hire a contractor. Width of the Setup The cluster hammers are put together in a barrel, and that dictates the size of the initial hole you can make while drilling.

4 Reasons You Should Make the Change to Rainwater

There's no doubt that Australians like watering their gardens! According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the average Australian uses 103 kilolitres of water at home per year. That's 103 THOUSAND litres, enough to fill a standard 80-litre bathtub almost 1300 times! So, how can choosing to collect your own rainwater end up helping your health, bills and the environment as a whole? Know What You're Drinking Have you ever tried to research what's being put into your water?

How to Choose the Best Commercial Refrigerator for Your Business

Choosing a commercial refrigerator for a restaurant or diner is not like choosing a refrigerator for your home, as there are typically more options available for the overall configuration of a commercial refrigerator than there are for residential models. To ensure you choose the right configuration and model of commercial refrigerator for your business, note a few tips to keep in mind when shopping. Door front Door fronts are usually solid or glass, and each has its own pros and cons.

Stainless steel fabrication

Stainless steel fabrication ensures that steel can be fabricated into structures which are of good quality and can serve its users effectively. Stainless steel fabrication utilises the latest fabrication equipment and technology to manufacture stainless steel products used for industrial, mining, commercial, large residential projects, supermarkets, and restaurants. Services Stainless steel fabrication services are offered in the following areas: Marine Large residential areas Construction Mining Industrial and commercial areas Stainless steel fabrication ensures that products of any size or shape can be manufactured.